Cloud fulfillment & logistic
We store your goods in a cloud and deliver them to the buyers from Russia & CIS within 12 hours
Why there is no e-commerce in the regions?
Regions do not have warehouse or logistics infrastructure for its development
Buyers want immediate or next-day delivery. It requires infrastructure modernization: warehouses and fulfilment centers must become highly efficient robot-based complexes with integrated delivery and logistics.
The growing amount of retail sales and purchases allows for rapid development of e-commerce industry. There is a need for warehouses close to buyers, as well as for productive fulfilment centers. Marginality decrease will form an integrated infrastructure of warehouses, logisticians, sellers and suppliers.

The main problem of internet stores is the absence of infrastructure capable of providing fast delivery on the territory of a whole country or region.

E-commerce market will be growing rapidly in Russian Federation, CIS and Middle East. Russia is expected to become the fourth biggest market of retail trade in the world by 2020. The Internet also expands really quickly. Both of those facts mean that Russia has a great potential in the e-commerce sphere. Its main competitive advantage is cheaper, faster and more qualified delivery.

The new Silk Road
The hubs that are integrated into the e-hub platform are located in the key areas of the Silk Road
Robotized complex
that speeds up order picking and fulfilment
Class A warehouse complex
HUB processes 100 000 orders per day
and up to 60 million orders per year
E-Hub Platform
It is an IT platform + a chain of logistics centers
The service that integrates online shops with logistics companies and delivery services
A chain of logistics centers united by a single IT platform. It provides convenient storage and fulfilment of orders
Payment, financial and banking services for electronic commerce
Connects sellers to marketplaces: Alibaba, JD, Amazon, eBay, Flipkart.

Ensures goods promotion and export to foreign markets

The solution based on SAP Hybris | Customer Experience
Goods are delivered to buyers within 12 hours
Cutoff time 24:00
Regional e-commerce HUBs Location
- Tyumen Warehouse complex (Central Hub), Tobolsk road, Tyumen, Russia
- Krasnoyarsk HUB (Russia)
- Shymkent HUB (Kazakhstan)
- Rostov-on-Don HUB (Russia)
- Teheran HUB (Iran)
- Minsk HUB (Belorussia)
Regional e-commerce HUB
Key features of the Central HUB (Tyumen)
Class A one-story warehouse building with built in office center and administrative and household facilities
Class A warehouse complex with total area of 135 000 m2
Air terminal and railway station
HUB processes 100 000 orders per day, and up to 60 million orders per year
Robotized complex that speeds up order picking and fulfilment
Highly efficient automated sorting system
150 automated dock-type gates with loading/unloading platforms which height can be regulated
HUB's Infrastructure
The terminal is filled with e-commerce services
Partners that help us build and equip the project
Current status
We signed agreements with partners and participants. We are negotiating with the first residents.
In progress: warehouse design
The hub will open its doors in 2020.
- Development of imitation model
- Writing TRs for automation, equipment, warehouse constructions
- Planning of IT infrastructure and production
- Development, customization and testing of business applications
- Construction of the logistic complex
- Infrastructure and territory development (Central HUB)
- IT infrastructure implementation
— Equipment installation, AGV
√ Commercial use
Advantages for sellers
E-HUB will bring significant advantages to the e-commerce businesses
Reduced logistics expenses
E-hub takes full responsibility for warehouse and logistics infrastructure of online stores, leaving marketing and sales to the sellers
Integration with IT platform
IT platform, built on special software solutions (best of breed), accelerates orders processing and easily integrates with popular e-commerce platforms.
IT platform directly integrates online stores' suppliers with warehouse software
Next Day. Within 1500 km
The goods are delivered on the next day within a radius of 1500 km from the fulfillment-center. Audience of buyers in the coverage area with next-day delivery: 20 million people
70 mln people – Central Asia market
Accessibility of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan markets with a population of 50 million people is achieved by the proximity of the border (300 km) and established business ties between states.
Do you want to become a resident or investor of the project?
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Development department: 22/F Times Square Tower 2, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Sales department: Volodarskogo Street 14, Tyumen, Russian Federation
Financial partners of the project: Capinvest 21 fund, Private equity funds
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